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Curious about how Dentures can help you? We offer free, in-depth consultations to help you identify the denture solution that will suit your needs and your budget!


Central Park Denture Clinic

Suite 201-1711 Cook Street

Victoria, BC, V8T 3P2


Wheelchair Accessible

Dentures Can Rejuvenate Your Smile and Optimize Your Oral Health

At Central Park Denture Clinic in Victoria, we believe in providing a personalized approach to our services. We pride ourselves on our commitment to working with our clients collaboratively in creating a strategy to optimize their oral health, rejuvenate their smile, and help them speak and chew confidently. At our denture practice, no referrals are necessary, new clients are welcome, and we offer all of our prospective clients a free, comprehensive consultation! We believe that everyone who can benefit from dentures should be able to afford them. That’s why we strive to make our dentures as affordable as possible. Our services include:

Very Professional

Tracy is a very professional and caring Denturist. I highly recommend her services which are very reasonably priced.



Experienced, Passionate, and Ready to Help Revitalize Your Smile

Our owner, Tracy Merkley, has over 30 years’ experience revitalizing smiles with dentures. The loss of teeth can impact a person’s confidence by aging the look of their face and causes challenges with speaking and eating. The constant changes that happen in the oral environment need to be addressed continuously as the teeth wear away and the bone shrinks. Tracy is happy to assess and advise with a complementary consultation. A set of dentures won’t just assist your oral health and help to improve your confidence; they can change your day-to-day life in a tremendously beneficial way! To learn more about our services, or to schedule the free consultation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We’re Members of the Following Professional Associations

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The Denturist Association of British Columbia

Complete Dentures


Our complete precision dentures incorporate jaw movement analysis into the fabrication process leading to a precision fit.

Partial Dentures


Partial dentures can reduce jaw resorption, helping to maintain your face’s vitality and your smile’s brilliance.

Immediate Dentures


Don’t miss a day without a full smile with our immediate dentures; they can be worn immediately following tooth extraction.

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